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HELP course:

Help, there’s teenagers in my house!!

My hope is that this 4-week course will provide you with more tools and perspectives to help you train up the next generation of Sons & Daughters that the Lord has entrusted you with. -Tyler Wagner, Youth Director

Week 1: What are the facts?
- Statistics about the generation today.
- Who’s really raising your kids?
- Is it too late to start?


Week 2: How can I biblically support my kids?
- What does scripture say about parenting?
- Guiding kids, but not pushing them.
- What does my life lived teach them?


Week 3: Tough but fruitful conversations.
- Crushing the if you don’t ask you don’t know mentality.
- How do I have the tough conversations with my teen?
- My children don’t receive from me.


Week 4: You’re not alone, we’re here to help.
- How to utilize the leaders in your child’s life.
- Healthy community and relationships matter.
- Being a part of the family of God doesn’t mean things don’t get bumpy, it means when it does, you’re not alone.

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